Cocktailphabet is a lovechild born of a passion for tasty boozy nights full of good conversation, love of food styling and photography, and deep attraction to coding. The first day of 2016 Kandice Levero made a promise to conquer coding within one year by building a website from the top down. Joining with two other Brooklyn foodies was a no brainer so she recruited 2 brilliant friends to scour the bars of Brooklyn in search of a gorgeous scene with thoughtful delicious cocktail recipes a la mode. Happily, we are in the thick of it working toward 26 mixed drinks, one for every letter of the alphabet from 26 unique saloons across this great borough of Brooklyn. Know of a piquant cocktail we should know about? Get in touch! We will head over there, learn all we can and add the bar to our growing list. Know a Z cocktail? Even better! Help us out; that one's hard!


Julia Greene is a designer turned chef. She specializes in Mediterranean cuisine as seen through the lens of the seasonal, local produce available in Brooklyn. Driven by a passion for cultivating kinship and community, Julia wants to help you bond over good food and drink. Currently cooking at Roberta’s Pizza, she is also available for private events and catering.

Kandice Levero is a well rounded branding chameleon who cut her design fangs living and working in Tokyo, Japan for the first five years after grad school. Floating between the Harajuku fashion scene where she designed and ran a retail store and design for the conservative domestic Japanese housewife she learned to move like water between styles and personalities pretty quickly. She's designed everything from luggage to tableware to websites. She's a color lover and a problem solver and she can't wait to learn more about your next project!

Dylan Ellis is a young professional living in Brooklyn, NY specializing in Food and Product Photography. He is a graduate of The School Of Visual Arts with a BFA in photography. With a strong background in the service industry, he understands the importance of teamwork and detail.



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